8 Benefits of Solar Panels in Texas

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    As the cost of using solar energy to produce electricity decreases every year, more Americans are switching to solar than ever before. Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and abundant.

    The general consensus among homeowners is that solar panels can help you save money – but how do they work? And, considering they can be costly, are they worth the investment?

    How Do Solar Panels Work?

    There seems to be some misinformation regarding solar panels. What happens on cloudy days – will your home still be powered? Will there be enough hot water for laundry and showers?

    Solar panels take photons (particles of light) and convert them into electricity. They are most effective when they receive direct sunlight, but they still generate power even when it’s cloudy, raining, or nighttime. How is this possible? Because their power is generated from light – and some sun rays pass through the clouds even on overcast days. Of course, the panels generate less electricity this way, but it’s still enough to lower your energy bills. And the panels have solar storage technology, so at night you can access the electricity created during the day.

    Top 8 Benefits of Solar Panels

    1. Lower Energy Bills

    Solar panels can produce enough energy to power at least half of your electricity needs. To boost efficiency, conduct a home energy audit to see if there are any leaks around windows and doors or if you need better insulation.

    2. No More Price Hikes

    Everyone needs electricity in their homes and businesses. Utility companies know this and often raise their prices with little thought about stagnating incomes and cost of living increases. Consumers have no other option but to pay these higher rates. Thanks to solar panels – you do have another, much better option!

    3. Increased Home Value

    Because solar panels are considered a premium upgrade, they increase the resale value of your home. Homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home with solar panels. So, installing solar panels not only saves you money – it also makes you money!

    However, you’ll need to pay close attention to how you finance your solar panels. Not all financing options allow you to transfer your contract to the person buying your home. This is an important question to ask when you get quotes from solar companies.

    4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Traditional electricity relies on fossil fuels and coal to generate power. When these fuels are burned to produce electricity, they produce and emit extremely harmful gases. These gases are one of the primary contributors to water and air pollution, land deterioration, and a long list of health conditions – including respiratory diseases and even some forms of cancer. Installing solar panels helps decrease the toxins in our environment.

    5. Add Technology Without Increasing Energy Consumption

    Solar panels allow you to use many electronics at once without worrying that your energy bill will be through the roof. You no longer have to pay more when everyone in your family is on a different electrical device! 

    6. Extremely Efficient

    Solar panels require little maintenance. And solar technology is incredibly quiet – which makes it ideal for residential and commercial areas.

    Solar technology is also continually researched and developed, so solar panels are even more efficient than they once were. These improvements mean there are more options to choose from for different locations and needs.

    7. Make Money

    Net-metering and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) mean homeowners never have to worry about solar batteries or losing any solar energy production. And you can even make money off the energy.

    During the summer, your panels will likely generate more power than you use. Net-metering allows the utility company to use this extra energy – then they either pay you for the energy they use or discount your energy bill when/if you ever need energy from the grid.

    Another benefit of the grid connection is that while you build up energy credits during the summer, you can use the power from the grid during stormy weeks when your panels aren’t generating as much energy. So, those energy credits you build up essentially pay for any energy you need to use on low-production days.

    8. Help the Economy

    Did you know the solar panel industry produces more jobs than the coal, oil, and gas industries? When you choose to install solar panels, you know you’re contributing to the success of local small businesses.

    Learn More About Solar Energy Panels with the Help of Malek Service Company

    Going solar is a low-risk, high pay-off investment. Solar panels last 25 to 35 years and have a 6-9 year pay-off period. Invest in your own solar energy each year until you pay it off, and then enjoy the thousands of dollars in energy bill savings!

    If you’re a Bryan/College Station or Central Texas resident and you’ve thought about installing solar panels – contact Malek Service Company today. We design and install solar panel systems for homes and commercial and industrial businesses. Find out how you can own your power!

    May 21, 2021

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