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    Every home or business will need a differing amount of solar panels installed. Further, every setup will look different depending on the space available, shade from trees, and the orientation of the building in relation to the sun’s path through the sky each day. Our expert technicians and team will help walk you through this process to make sure you are set up the way you need.


    Solar energy comes down through our atmosphere and touches our homes, businesses, and lawns every day. By installing solar panels, you can harness this light energy and convert what is already there into electricity for your home or business. Your family or clients will get the same power needed, every day.

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    At Malek, we have the experience needed to meet all of your solar energy demands. Whether you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, we’re here for you. Call or drop by to chat with our friendly staff today.

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    • Anderson, TX
    • Bedias, TX
    • Brazos County, TX
    • Bremond, TX
    • Brenham, TX
    • Bryan, TX
    • Burleson County, TX
    • Caldwell, TX
    • Calvert, TX
    • College Station, TX
    • Conroe, TX
    • Cypress, TX
    • Dime Box, TX
    • Franklin, TX
    • Gause, TX
    • Grimes County, TX
    • Hearne, TX
    • Hempstead, TX
    • Hockley, TX
    • Huntsville, TX
    • Iola, TX
    • Leon County, TX
    • Madisonville, TX
    • Magnolia, TX
    • Navasota, TX
    • Normangee, TX
    • North Zulch, TX
    • Plantersville, TX
    • Robertson County, TX
    • Snook, TX
    • Somerville, TX
    • Waller, TX
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