The Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

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    Protecting your home with home security cameras not only provides peace of mind, but evidence suggests it also keeps intruders out. A recent survey of more than 400 incarcerated criminals conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte determined that 83 percent of burglars are deterred by alarm systems, and 60 percent consider the presence of cameras and video equipment when choosing a target.1

    However, to get the most bang for your buck, and provide your home with optimal protection from thieves, vandals, and invaders, it’s crucial you place your security cameras in the best possible locations.

    Secure Your Most Accessible Entryways

    Front Door – It’s estimated that 34 percent of residential burglars go in through the front door, and the majority of them do so with force rather than lock-picking.1,2 If you’re only going to install one security camera, outside the front door is the best location.

    The ideal placement is above the door facing downward so you get a complete view of the front porch and even a few feet of the walkway or front yard. On top of the door frame or on a nearby eave are the best outdoor placement options. If these aren’t realistic choices, you could place the camera inside on a nearby window sill that faces the front porch area.

    First-Floor Windows – The second-most common break-in point is through a first-floor window that’s not facing the street. This minimizes the chances of the crook being noticed by a passing driver or pedestrian. If you will be placing a camera near your susceptible windows, it’s recommended you place them above the window – like on the corner of the frame or eave – so the camera is less likely to be tampered with while still providing a clear view of the entire entryway.

    Back Door – Roughly 22 percent of home burglars enter using the back door, making it another smart spot for a home security camera. Like with the front door, any area high above the back door is likely your best option.

    The underside of a backyard patio roof is an excellent location for a security camera. You could place a camera on the corner facing the back door to provide you with a clear view of the entire entryway and adjacent windows or face it toward the backyard to provide you with a wider perspective of the area.

    Other Factors to Consider

    Placing the camera out of reach from intruders is a general rule of thumb. This reduces the chance of the camera being tampered with or destroyed. If it’s too high or completely out of sight, it’s less likely to deter a would-be burglar. If you want to be sure your camera is protected from thieves or vandals, try enclosing it in mesh wiring.

    If you can find a location for a camera along a sidewall that provides a view of several entryways, even better. Cameras can be mounted on nearly any surface. Keep in mind if they’re exposed to the elements, they will need to be weatherproof.

    It’s also important to consider the type of camera you employ in relation to where it’s installed. If your camera only has a 45-degree focus range, for example, it would be more effective monitoring a single doorway than an entire sidewall.

    Secure Your Home Inside and Out

    If you’ve made the choice to invest in home security, you really can’t go wrong with your approach because something is better than no security at all. Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s always good to ensure everything inside is safe and protected, no matter who lurks outside. In addition to expert heating and A/C services, Malek Heating and Air also provides the College Station area with home automated security system installation.

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    May 25, 2018

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