What Can You Control with Home Automation?

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    Home automation has come a long way over the years. Not only are some of the world’s biggest technology companies now major players in home automation, but the implementation of powerful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other smart technology has created an “Internet of things” that’s changing home life as we know it. Some experts believe the home automation industry will nearly triple in value by 2020.1

    So, what can you do with home automation these days? The answer is more than simply controlling your thermostat or adjusting your lighting. The list of possibilities is growing rapidly, and many homeowners are finding that building a smart home isn’t too difficult. Often, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, a smartphone or tablet and a knowledgeable home automation technician to get started.

    Here’s some of the best ways home automation is changing the way we live at home.


    Interacting with appliances to provide a completely customized experience is one of the major benefits of home automation. Items you use every day, like lamps, coffee makers and refrigerators can all be automated and controlled to your personalized specifications and needs.

    For example, you could begin preheating your oven when you’re on your way home from work, or your fridge might send you a notification if the door was left open or the power has gone out. Even doing laundry can be less of a chore with home automation. You can start and monitor cycle progress from the comfort of your sofa and receive maintenance and energy usage alerts all on your mobile devices.


    The added security and peace of mind provided by home automation can’t be overstated. Smart locks, for instance, can unlock themselves when a recognized person with a Bluetooth-enabled device is approaching the door. They also can be controlled remotely, meaning you can lock or unlock any door or window in your house from an app on your mobile phone.

    A home automated security system helps homeowners stay abreast of security-related events on their property. That means your system will send you a notification of trespassers, fast-rising temperatures, water leaks and other potential hazards. Surveillance is another interesting feature of home automation. Wireless cameras can be placed just about anywhere and controlled remotely, or they can be set up to activate automatically when something moves in a designated “activity zone.”

    Climate Control and Lighting

    Both climate control and lighting can be completely automated, adjusted and monitored remotely with a home automation system. Voice and motion-activated lighting is rising in popularity. Automated lighting that detects when you’ve left for the day or turns on when you’re on your way home are also available.

    Similarly, smart thermostats provide ideal control and personalization. Many systems can be scheduled to switch on or off during certain times of the day, or operate automatically by sensing when you’ve left for the day and shut down accordingly.

    Other systems can work in conjunction with your ceiling fans or curtains to keep energy usage to a minimum while keeping your house at a comfortable temperature. For instance, on a warm day, your system will shut off after you leave, but your fans will turn on and your curtains close.

    Monitoring your home’s temperature can be useful when you’re on vacation with a pet at home, and you want to ensure your temperature doesn’t shift to an unsafe level. You can have your system send you notifications to ensure your home never becomes too warm or too cool.

    Home Entertainment

    Home entertainment has reached a new level of convenience thanks to home automation. Stereos, televisions, game consoles and just about any other audio-visual device can be controlled unilaterally on a smart phone, tablet or home automation hub. That means you can adjust the volume or any other setting on your stereo from anywhere in your house, or have the television automatically turn to a scheduled program as you come home from work.

    Go Automatic Today!

    Home automation provides a great deal of convenience and comfort but it also could be a tremendous benefit for families looking for added security or seniors and those with disabilities or limited mobility. Plus, you don’t have to be a tech wiz to get started. If you’re interested in switching to a home automation set up, consider Malek Heating and Air as your home automation experts. Our technicians can provide everything from automated sprinkler systems and window blinds, to home security and HVAC monitoring. Contact Malek by calling 979-446-0296 or by visiting us online today!

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    January 31, 2018

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