Energy-Saving Tricks to Use While Spring Cleaning

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    With warmer days and more people sheltering at home, many of us are taking the opportunity to do a deep spring cleaning. Make sure you’re set up to save on energy bills this spring and summer by making these energy-efficient changes while you clean.

    Reprogram your thermostat: If you’re ready for spring cleaning, it’s likely that the weather has warmed enough to call for a change in your thermostat settings. Switch up your time and temperature settings to accommodate for longer days and warmer nights. A good rule of thumb: set the air conditioner to turn on at 78℉; set the furnace to kick in at 68℉.

    Move your lamps, TVs, and other potential heat sources away from your thermostat.

    While you’re inevitably rearranging all the living room furniture, consider moving heat sources like lamps and TVs away from your thermostat. They can trick the thermostat into thinking it’s a few degrees warmer than it actually is, keeping your air conditioner running longer than necessary.

    Flip the switch on your ceiling fans: Turns out many ceiling fans can either send air down (for a cooling effect) or up (for a warming effect). Ceiling fans can make a room feel cooler by several degrees, so make sure your ceiling fan blades are turning counterclockwise to send cooling air down to you. Then you can turn up your thermostat, open your windows, and enjoy the fresh air–and energy savings, of course!

    Dust everything: Air vents, light bulbs, ceiling fan blades, baseboards, electronics, and office equipment all use more energy when they’re covered in dust. Pro tip: open your doors and windows while you dust to make sure it’s gone for good (or at least a little while longer).

    Switch to energy efficient light bulbs: While you’re up there dusting anyway, replace any burnt-out bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. We love LG’s stylish, dimmable bulbs for both indoors and out.

    Vacuum your dryer vents and refrigerator coils: Much like the rest of your electronics, your dryer and refrigerator prefer to be dust-free in order to operate at peak energy-efficient shape. Dusting might not be enough to clear your dryer vents and refrigerator coils completely, so make sure to clear them off with your vacuum’s hose attachment to ensure they’re operating smoothly all season.

    Go solar! Get a battery: Longer days mean more sunlight, and more sunlight means more energy savings for homes powered by the sun. You can store that energy produced in the day, and use it when you need it most. 

    Malek Service Company provides our customers with master technicians for all solar installation and repairs! We hope to help you live 2021 as efficiently as possible. Nature has become more utilized than ever this year, so learn how to protect it while you can. 

    December 16, 2020

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