For the Love of Solar

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    There’s no better time than today to share the reasons we love solar – the amazing innovation that has given rise to one of the fastest growing industries in the world! While it’s not exactly the same as celebrating your devotion to a significant other, who doesn’t love saving money, increasing the value of your home, and reducing your carbon footprint?

    Here are some of the reasons we think solar power deserves a bit of affection on Valentine’s Day, and, well, every day really.

    For The Love of the Planet!

    When we use solar energy we are helping the planet. Solar energy has numerous environmental benefits, among them:

    • It reduces air pollution. Relying on coal and oil has had a negative impact on air quality. These fossil fuels emit harmful byproducts. The sun on the other hand, is a clean source of energy. Solar panels do not emit any damaging emissions.
    • Solar power also reduces water pollution. Oil and gas extraction and the use of fossil fuels to create energy have another hidden cost, water pollution. For instance, water brought to the surface as a result of oil and gas extraction can carry heavy metals, hydrocarbons and other radioactive materials that are difficult to dispose of safely. In addition, power plants that rely on fossil fuels negatively impact the rivers, lakes and oceans surrounding them by returning water that damages water quality.
    • Solar energy usage also reduces our reliance on climate changing fossil fuels. Traditional electricity is generated from fossil fuels.  When those fuels are burned to produce power, the result is harmful gases (such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide) that fuel climate change. This is one of the most serious risks associated with burning fossil fuels. Last year was the third hottest year on record, on the heels of 2016 and 2015. It’s now up to each of us to do what we can to help slow and reverse this trend.

    It’s the Energy of Today and Tomorrow

    Solar power is here to stay. It is the clean choice energy of today and tomorrow. Already, solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In 2016 more people in the United States were employed in the solar industry than in coal, gas and oil energy combined.

    As the rest of the world begins shifting to renewable sources of energy to combat climate change, it’s critical to American jobs and American energy independence that we lead this effort.

    Energy Independence

    By making the shift to solar power, we become less reliant on fossil fuels.

    Installing a solar system on your home means reducing dependence on the local utility company at a time when energy prices continue to rise. And storing the solar power that you generate translates into being even less dependent on the energy grid.

    Installing Solar is Simple 

    Malek Service Company is helping homeowners choose a clean, affordable energy future. We can help homeowners switch to solar for as little as $0 down. And we make the entire process incredibly simple, including handling everything from scheduling to permitting.

    That’s a lot of reasons to break out the champagne and perhaps even a box of chocolates. Contact our solar experts today here at Malek to schedule your on-site consultation

    November 4, 2020

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