Myths About Solar Panels

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    Myths About Solar Panels

    Debunking Myths About Solar Energy

    By: Hannah Brennan


    Myth: Solar power only works when it is sunny outside. 

    Truth: Solar panels can be used during rainy and snowy days because even in those times some sunlight is still reaching the earth. Battery storage can also be connected to panels to provide energy at night. So, even during power outages, your power will still be on.


    Myth: Solar panels aren’t really efficient enough.

    Truth: The sunlight shining on the earth for simply an hour and a half has more energy than what the world consumes in the entire year. These systems cannot absorb all of the light emitted, therefore lowering the “efficiency rate” of the panels. However, the sunlight it does absorb is more than enough to meet the needs of your home. 

    Plus, don’t forget about solar incentives and tax rebates, which eventually will expire.


    Myth: Going solar is too expensive.

    Truth: The price of solar panels typically range from $15,000 to $35,000, however total payment isn’t required at the time of installation. At Malek Service Company, we offer multiple financing options to allow you to pay over time. Don’t forget about the solar incentives and tax rebates available. In addition, once installed, most systems only require an annual maintenance to keep the system durable and reliable.


    Myth: You have to own your home to go solar.

    Truth: There are community solar programs for those who live in an apartment building or rent their homes. These community solar programs help multiple people to benefit from a singular solar panel system. The cost and installation of the system are divided among the benefactors of solar energy.

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    February 23, 2023

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